What is website monitoring? How to Use Website Monitoring ?

Web site monitoring provides load time features like server monitoring where you can check how much time is needed for your website to load completely. feature of uptime which means you will be updated by a percentage of time that hardware and IT system or device is successfully operational(performing ). It refers to when a system is working, downtime, which refers to a system that is not working properly.

Website monitoring measures response times website and tracks responsible issues much faster before it affects end-users. monitoring software tracks all types of failures and logs detailed reports of the uptime/downtime of the website every day by day. These reports are available for you to browse in the account control panel. Checking Monitor health & availability of a single webpage or an entire sequence of webpages.

Performance monitors may utilize Synthetic Monitoring and RUM techniques Monitor page workflows, test application before launch K Track any kind of unauthorized changes made into the content of the site. Measure web application performance from any location of the world.

What types of Website Monitoring are there?

Website Monitoring involves checking a website for availability, and function performance, alerting supporting staff when the page does not work as expected Or Another Error show and error found.

Availability monitoring:-

Availability is also known as uptime, To make sure a website is always accessible and to some degree functional also. Availability can include web services, domains, and pages that prevent adverse situations by checking the uptime of infrastructure components such as servers and apps. High availability of network and services has become a More critical factor of concern for organizations of size.

  • Remote test:A remote test server sends a request to your website pages content. Another test server is in a different location and sends a request in 60 seconds after completing a previous test.
  • Response time: Response time given an availability monitor can also measure the timing and size of the response or problem & issue alerts for slow response times. HTTP(S) monitors do not load the content into a browser, but a monitoring service may check the response for the presence or absence of specified words or content present on the website.
So, now that you know all about the site monitor processes, make sure yours is up and running smoothly, at all times.

Server availability:-

High Availability was a dedicated server that is an advanced system equipped (product)with More redundant power supplies, it can provide a big amount of data transmission. The dedicated server was a fully redundant network, Given RAID disk towers and backups, highest uptime and full reliability. As long as a server recognizes TCP/IP protocol, a monitoring service can verify availability for the device and selected ports. monitoring service checks the availability is frequently as once per minute preventing costly downtime and loss productivity over the website.

Advanced Availability:-

These specialized automated monitors verify DNS records, Uptime check for proper configuration of SSL certificates, query databases, application working 24 x 7 super easy to start monitoring your application’s availability using web monitors. Monitor your application’s presence on the application overview page.

Performance monitoring:-

Performance monitoring Checking a proper Speed of web site & page uptime. Performance monitors track the time for connection speeds and browser load times. Performance monitors may utilize Synthetic Monitoring and RUM techniques.RUM stand for(Real User Monitoring) is one of the build blocks of Dynatrace Digital Experience Monitoring and the only way to monitor user experience of the site. The second building block is Synthetic Monitoring, which adds two additional and important use cases that are hard to cover with RUM. Full Page Check provides the most comprehensive performance data set & Checking a gives detailed performance data for every element on the webpage.

Functionality monitoring:-

Functional monitoring is the process of looking at the functionality offered by a single application or by a distributed system. These specialized monitors use script files that interact with forms, site search, shopping carts, and payment systems. Transaction monitors are the same way regular visitors interact with web applications and they typically verify the predictable happy paths for completing a task. If any error occurs or the performance drops on the web then system issues alert to the support staff. Many different errors or problems face like block users from using a web application that kind of Error cannot be caught by availability and performance monitors.

Web monitoring feature and benefit:-

Many times detect underlying problems before they have an adverse effect.Detecting problems that affect a user's production or productivity.Collecting data when a problem occurs for the first time.Allow establishing a baseline for comparison.


Website Monitoring involves checking websites for availability and function performance is used for any business of the organization. Many Marketing organizations need Proper monitoring services because detecting any kind of error. Detecting a web site problem and Error show. 24*7 services given for your web site.

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