About Us

The Pingstack is the platform from where you can monitor your servers and websites performance from anywhere easily. We provide you usually 3 types of monitoring where you can monitor servers, website and checks.
In server monitoring we provide you enough feature to monitor and manage your server efficiently in minimal time. We help you keep track about CPU usage, RAM used and hence how much RAM memory is left with you. We also provide you additional feature of Load uptime which will notify you how much time is your website taking to load the content. There is also last seen feature provided where you can check the last seen so you can keep a watch on efficiency.
The website monitoring provides you with the information about last checked meaning what was the last time your website was checked by the software. It also provides load time feature like server monitoring where you can check how much time is needed for your website to load completely. It has got a feature of uptime which means you will be updated by percentage of time that hardware, an IT system or device is successfully operational. It refers to when a system is working, versus downtime, which refers to when a system is not working.
Finally, the third feature provided by Pingstack is about the checks monitoring which can be said as a bit advanced version of website monitoring. Over here the check is sent to the targeted website and it is concluded that if the check gets responded then the website is working otherwise the website is not working. You can set a check even at 5 sec time intervals. This means by having checks monitoring you get updated about the website in seconds. It differs from website monitoring in load time feature. Meaning, the website monitoring provides you load uptime feature whereas the check monitoring instead provides small circular projection providing information about the status of the website.