Website & Server Monitoring Service

The Pingstack is the platform from where you can monitor your servers and websites performance from anywhere easily. We provide you usually 3 types of monitoring where you can monitor servers, website and checks.In server monitoring we provide you enough feature to monitor and manage your server efficiently in minimal time. We help you keep track about CPU usage, RAM used and hence how much RAM memory is left with you. We also provide you additional feature of Load uptime which will notify you how much time is your website taking to load the content. There is also last seen feature provided where you can check the last seen so you can keep a watch on efficiency.

Our Monitoring Solutions

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring is the most beneficial type of monitoring which provides you the feature of both website monitoring and check monitoring. It provides you all the features and also you can keep track about uptime, CPU usage and RAM, Disk space used.

Website Monitoring

It allows you to keep an eye on your website. It is similar to the check monitoring but it gives you additional feature of load time which help you to understand how much time it takes and when was your site down. You can also conclude, when load time is more meaning more user visited the website.

Checks Monitoring

It allows you to keep check on your website constantly. It sends a check to the targeted website and keeps the user updated whether the website is working or not. The frequency of check has a great range from 5sec to 30 days.

Performance VPS hosting2

It allows you to keep check on your website constantly. It sends a check to the targeted website and keeps the user updated whether the website is working or not. The frequency of check has a great range from 5sec to 30 days.

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Our Features

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring ensures that you're never oblivious to website downtime. It provides an overview of the availability of your website.

Real User Monitoring

Enhances your website by capturing and analyzing actions from your most important site visitors.

Device Independent

It can be accessible from anywhere across the globe with any device having any OS system.

Page Speed Monitoring

Keeps watch and analyzes the loading time for your websites. You can also monitor if it is down or slowing down.

Reliable Alerting

The irrelevant issues are verified by second opinion and gets filters so we get alerted only and only when a real incident occurs.

Root Cause Analysis

You get access to root of any website or application which prevents recurrence and leads to the settlement of the issue.


Multiple user account and roles are supported to improve workflow of your teams by alerting the right person at the right time.

API Integration

Processes requests and ensures seamless functioning of enterprise systems. It also looks onto interaction between data, applications, and devices.


Q. What Type of Customer Support Do you Provide?

At PINGSTACKS, we stand behind our services with superior customer support and offer live help 24X7.

Q. Do you verify before sending alerts?

Yes, every errors are verified by repeating the monitoring sequence 5 seconds later. The errors which aren't Confirmed are considered warnings and alerts are not issued.

Q. How long will my data be saved?

Standard data is kept till three months, and many reports can be download as a *.csv file. Also, extra data retention can be purchased.

Q. How can I add more recipients who receives the Daily Monitoring Summary?

All of the e-mail addresses in the e-mail field for the account administrator will receive a copy of the daily monitoring summaries. From your control panel select 'Manage Account.' To add more recipients, simply type in additional e-mail addresses, separated by commas.

Q. Are there any programs that must be used with Pingstack Monitoring service?

Our Monitoring Service is a stand-alone Monitoring service provider. A Proper Internet connection is required for you need in order to Get Alerts.

Q. What is the difference between availability and uptime?

Availability Means that whether your services are available from particular locations or not, whereas uptime means that your Web pages are "up and running" and availability from at least some locations.

Q. How can I be alerted when errors occur?

Our monitoring services can be configured to deliver alerts by e-mail, cellular phone, SNMP Trap, SMS message, telephone call and pager.